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A shiny update to Topsy – Time, Tweeps, Trackbacks and more

July 8, 2009

We are excited to bring you the first major update to Topsy.

1. The right-time window

Topsy segments search results into time-windows – all time, month, week, day, hour.¬† Starting with this release, we automatically pick the most recent time window that contains a statistically significant top result.¬† The top result will be fresh and important in the consciousness of people posting on Twitter.¬† We call it the “right-time” window.¬† Try it by searching for “Barack Obama“.

2. Twitter profile search

Topsy now searches the user names, full names and mini bios¬† of Twitter users to find the top matching users for your query. The results are sorted by the retweet influence of the author so when you search for “shaq” – Topsy finds the “the_real_shaq“.¬† When you search for “Tim Ferriss” – Topsy finds the author’s active account “tferriss” rather than author’s inactive account “timferriss“. The best matching profile is always shown on the top-right of the search results page.¬† You can use this feature to discover the Twitter accounts of well-known people as well as those of close friends.¬† The Twitter profile search is also compatible with non-character based languages like Chinese and Japanese and is a precursor to full-fledged multilingual support.

3. Associated Authors on Trackback pages

Topsy maintains a Trackback page for every link posted on Twitter.¬† Here’s the Trackback page for Topsy’s launch story in Techcrunch.¬† The Trackback page now has a list of authors associated with the domain on which the page lives.¬† This list is made up of influential authors who include the domain (in this example, in their bio or as their webpage.¬† The list for includes the Twitter profile for “Techcrunch” and the profiles of¬† the editors and contributors to techcrunch.¬† The associated authors features is a great way to discover the people behind any website.

4. Topsy Bubble – Tweet from Topsy

We’ve made the Topsy Bubble more functional and convenient.¬† It is now present next to all links on the search and author pages and shows the number of tweets the link has received. We’ve introduced a green tweet button that let’s you share the link with your followers.¬† The green button shortens the link title and URL to 140 limit so you don’t have to.

5. RT

We’ve also added the ability to retweet any tweet from the trackback page. Topsy computes reputation of authors based on the quantity and the quality of retweets they receive.¬† If you discover RT-worthy tweets, please RT them. Every RT increases the quality of Topsy results!

6. Top Authors are specific to Time Window

One of the most cited features on Topsy is the ability to discover Top Authors for any query.¬† This is the list of people who have tweeted about your query.¬† The Top Authors list is now specific to the time window.¬† When you view week window for “Real-Time Search” – the Top Authors list will include the most vocal authors about “Real Time Search” this week.

7. Improved User Interface

We’ve made some major changes to the UI to make it friendlier and more effective.¬† These changes are a result of feedback from you – our early adopters.¬† Special thanks to Matt Jones @fisherrider, Raj Misra, @raj_misra, Blake Cutler @bcutler, Christian Tom @cltom, Quinn Slack @sqs, Daryl Spitzer @yacitus, Christine Hironaka @c_hironaka, Anuraag Chigurupati @anuraagc, Snir Kodesh, Dean Young, Danny Belch, Ben Canning, Weston McBride and Josh Johnso – who participated in our UI testing sessions and volunteered their time and insights.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to RT this. :)

Posted by eddie